The Eurocontrol Division within the DHMI-Air Navigation Department

     Since our membership to the Eurocontrol Organisation in 1989, CRCO has been providing billing and collection services of route charges on our behalf. To enable CRCO to provide its task, our Division is responsible for; extraction of flight data in accordance with our reporting responsibility; recording these flight data on a commonly adopted electronic format; transmitting these data to Eurocontrol/CRCO and; evaluating and concluding claim, correction and rejection messages which may be received regarding the flight data transmitted to the CRCO.

     In line with the route charges system, our Division establishes on an annual basis the forecast and actual national cost-base of our Country and reports them to EUROCONTROL. The national cost-base is established in order to account for the costs of air navigation services. Following this procedure, the national unit rate is calculated by dividing the national cost-base into the number of national service units and this national unit rate forms one of the basic parameters used to charge the flights operated within our FIR. Follow- up of operational and technical issues in this field is again performed by our unit.

     Our Division ensures that appropriate coordination is established between the stakeholders on the abovementioned issues.

     Details on the way that the route charges are calculated can be found in the booklet titled “Conditions of Application of the Route Charges System and Conditions of Payment” on the Eurocontrol web page.


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