The Directorate of System Project Development and Assesment which is aimed mainly  to focus on  ATM R&D issues, has been established on 12th,July 2005 within the Body of Air Navigational Department of DHMI. The Directorate’s planned activities comprise the development of ATC tools such as Radar, FDPS(Flight Data Processing System), ATC Simulator and Airspace/Terminal Area/Airport capacity enhancement  studies including software support solutions where appropriate as well as being in close connection with European Research and Development program titled SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research Program) which is the framework of R&D program of EUROCONTROL for the next 20 years ahead.


 Recently, ATM R&D issues are being given utmost importance by ECAC countries of which studies are supported either economically or technically by EUROCONTROL and European Council. Stakeholders take this opportunities to improve their R&D Departments usually cooperating among them. Our General Directorate, in this context, signed an Agreement  of Cooperation with ENAV (Italian Air Navigation Service Provider)on 5th Sep 2006, to cooperate on R&D issues and carry out regional and global projects together where applicable.


DHMI recently decided to involve in ADS-B trials in the context of  CASCADE Cristal Med II Project to implement it in Trabzon Airport and  SBAS  based APV-I approach trials in the context of METIS Project in Esenboga Airport and started studies accordingly. 



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