The CASCADE programme co-ordinates the European implementation of ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast), a surveillance technique that relies on aircraft broadcasting their identity, position and other aircraft information. This signal can be captured on the ground for surveillance purposes (ADS-B-out)on board other aircraft for air traffic situational awareness (ADS-B-in) and airborne separation assistance. ADS-B-out is expected to reach initial operational capability status in 2008, ADS-B-in for air traffic situational awareness in 2011. In order to meet the surveillance requirements of different environments, ADS-B-out can be used as a sole means of surveillancein combination with radarmulti-lateration.



ADS-B validation is ongoing in many areas across Europe and the world. From mid 2007 DHMI has joined the project with an ADS-B NRA validation trial at Trabzon. The ADS-B-NRA application has been identified by DHMI as a promising application for Trabzon considering the current constraints faced by Trabzon Control unit. The use of radar-like control procedures would significantly improve the air traffic control services provided to airlines in term of efficiency and safety while reducing controllers' workload.
































































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